POVevolving Gallery Presents the Movers & Shakers Exhition

This site was specially created for the Movers & Shakers POVevolving Gallery in February of 2009. There was a Limited Edition Box Set of prints of over 70 artists from the world of Pop Surrealism. It was a great show. When I saw this domain was available to buy I scooped it up with the idea of using archived information and other sources to rebuild the site. Artists can never have too much exposure and I wanted their artwork and news of this exhibition to remain alive on the web for all our viewing pleasure. If you went to the Movers & Shakers exhibition you get to remember some great art. If you do not know any of these Pop Surrealist artists, you are in for a treat.


Let’s Travel Back to Early 2009

The POVevolving Gallery Presents: “Mover's & Shaker's”

Opening Reception:
Saturday, February 14th, 2009
7 - 11pm


POVevolving is proud to announce its upcoming Valentines Day Exhibition, curated by Los Angeles collector Gino Joukar. This show features over 70 artists from the world of Pop Surrealism. The majority of the participating artists will be contributing brand new pieces, which have never been exhibited. A group show such as this caliber is certainly not common. Don’t miss Mover's & Shaker's.

Participating Artists Include:

  • Alex Pardee
  • Amy Sol
  • Amy Casey
  • Ana Bagayan
  • Anthony Ausgang
  • Ben Kehoe
  • Blaine Fontana
  • Brandi Milne
  • Brian Despain
  • Brian Viveros
  • Buff Monster
  • Cathie Bleck
  • Chet Zar
  • Chris Peters
  • Chris Ryniak
  • Damon Soule
  • Dan Quintana
  • Darren Goldman
  • Dave Bondi
  • Dave Cooper
  • Dave Pressler
  • David Horvath
  • David Lanham
  • Doktor A
  • Dylan Sisson
  • Ekundayo
  • Eric Fortune
  • Eric Joyner
  • Erik Alos
  • Eric White
  • Gris Grimly
  • Ian Millard
  • Isabel Samaras
  • Jack Long
  • Jaime ‘Germs’ Zacarias
  • Jaime Zollars
  • James Naccarato
  • Jasmine Worth
  • Jeff Soto
  • Jesse Hernandez
  • Johhny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez
  • Joshua Clay
  • Kelly Vivanco
  • Kevin Peterson
  • Kukula
  • LOLA
  • MAD
  • Mari Inukai
  • Mark Nagata
  • Mark Murphy
  • Martin Wittfooth
  • Melissa Haslam
  • Meredith Dittmar
  • Mia
  • Michael Page
  • Naoto Hattori
  • Nate Frizzel
  • Nathan Spoor
  • Nicoletta Ceccoli
  • Nimit Malavia
  • Paul Barnes
  • Retna
  • Robert Pokorny
  • Ron English
  • Sara Antoinette Martin
  • Scott Belcastro
  • Scott Radke
  • Scott Scheidly
  • Sean Christopher
  • Tessar Lo
  • Tim McCormick
  • Yoskay Yamamato
  • Yosuke Ueno
  • and more...



Exhibition Detail

Group Show
Movers & Shakers
Curated by: Gino Joukar
POVevolving Gallery & Print Studio
939 Chung King Road
Los Angeles, CA 90012


February 14th, 2009 - March 8th, 2009
February 14th, 2009 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM


Each print in this set is printed on Museo Max 365 gsm archival rag paper. The sheet size of each print has a maximum height of 11" and a maximum width of 8.5". The set will be housed in a black archival box with a foil stamped logo on each box. Also, each box will include a letter pressed Certificate of Authenticity. This set of prints will be limited to 50 Boxes. This set is available now at POVeditions.com



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